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excerpt from the mystery at moz hollow


Benjamin’s life takes an unexpected turn when a black cocker spaniel shows up on his doorstep, but not everyone is thrilled about Shula becoming part of the family.  A Thanksgiving holiday spirals into a November crisis when Shula escapes, Benjamin goes after her, and a blizzard blows into town.​ 

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I was as a lucky child - I was raised in a family that valued learning.  By the time I entered kindergarten, I knew how to read, print, and write cursive. Trips to our local library were as regular as visits to the grocery store.  One summer I entered a reading contest at the library and won, my literary tally at over 40 books.  Now I'm the one writing stories that I hope will be in a youngster's hands as they crawl into the lap of a willing reader or a middle-grader that pulls my story from the library shelf, curls up in a quiet corner, and embarks on the adventure I've imagined, crafted, and tucked between the front and back cover.  The stories that I write for young readers appear under the pen name of A.K. Hicks.

- Anne Hawkinson


I am a member of the Florida Writer's Association.​

The Mystery at Moz Hollow 

Maggie Sleigh and her friend Laura are traveling with Maggie's mother Gina to a stately, Gothic mansion in northern Minnesota that is being transformed into a movie set.  Maggie and Laura stumble upon an unsolved mystery based on the dessert offerings of a menu over 50 years old and the ramblings of the last surviving member of the estate's family.  The two girls face danger in the northern wilderness and from those who want the treasure (whose secret is linked to the menu) for themselves.

I recently attended the Florida's

Writers Association Conference

where my middle-grade novel 

The Mystery at Moz Hollow was

honored with a Royal Palm

Literary Award. 

The Royal Palm Literary Awards competition was established to recognize excellence in published
and unpublished works.



royal palm literary AWARD WINNers

huckleberry heart

Paddy and his Grandpa Irl always pick huckleberries together, but when Grandpa falls ill, Paddy (despite his handicap) displays courage and determination and delivers a special gift to him.  

Ms. Walker looks at the clue again, then looks at me. I focus on the small piece of paper in her hand. I know I’m in a lot of trouble, but I need to see what’s written on the paper.

“Can I see what it says?” I ask.

Ms. Walker manages a tiny smile, but Mom squeezes my shoulder again. “Stop, Maggie, just stop.” She turns back to Ms. Walker. “I hope the pendulum can be fixed, and I’ll pay whatever the costs are. I’m terribly sorry.”

“The kid needs to pay, not you,” Carol says as she leans toward Mom. “Kids runnin’ all over the house. I’m surprised there’s not more stuff broken, or worse.”

Mom takes in a big breath, like she wants to say something to Carol. Then, it’s like she gives up and lets it all out without saying a word. Ms. Walker acts like she’s being pulled in two directions, as she looks at the clue. Finally, she hands it to me. It has a Roman numeral V, and it says, Lion. Witch. What Comes Next? I repeat it over and over in my mind, trying to memorize it – until I hear Mom saying something that ends in “stop.”

She looks right at me. “The hunt is over. Right here. Right now. You should have known better, Maggie, and there are consequences for your actions,” Mom says. 

the red door

On a boring Saturday afternoon, Emmie Malone discovers a can of red paint in the attic. When she paints her bedroom door, she finds that it becomes a gateway to globe-trotting adventure.  Other red doors invite her to new, exciting places Emmie has never visited.  As day turns to evening, Emmie is ready to return home.  But how?  Will the red doors return her safely to her family?