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I was lucky as a child - I was raised in a family that valued learning.  By the time I entered kindergarten I knew how to read, print, and write in cursive.  Trips to our local library were as regular as visits to the grocery store.  One summer I entered a reading contest at the library and won, my literary tally at over 40 books.  Now I'm the one writing stories that I hope will find their way into the hands of an eager reader, ready to embark on an adventure that I've imagined, crafted, and tucked between the front and back cover.

A Thanksgiving holiday takes an unexpected turn when a black Cocker Spaniel shows up on Benjamin's door step.

the red door

TBD (moz hollow - book #2)

Maggie and Laura stumble upon an unsolved mystery in a Gothic mansion in northern Minnesota that has been transformed into a movie set.  The two girls face danger after uncovering a hidden treasure!

Book coming soon!

Book coming soon!


huckleberry heart

Emmie Malone discovers a can of red paint in the attic.  When she paints her bedroom door, it opens a gateway to a globe-trotting adventure.

Paddy and his Grandpa Irl always pick huckleberries together, but when Grandpa falls ill, Paddy delivers a special gift to him.

TBD (moz hollow - book #3)

Anne Hawkinson

Untitled novella

my books

A gripping tale authored by dynamic writing partners half a world apart!  Set in medieval Scotland, a powerful knight must face his haunted past and battle new foes who traumatized the woman he loves. 

the mystery at moz hollow