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Kathy’s best friend Paul used to live next door. Then he moved far away, across the Atlantic Ocean. Determined to find a way to visit him, she invents something special to get her there.

award winning books


Emmie Malone discovers a can of red paint in the attic.  When she paints her bedroom door, it opens a gateway to a globe-trotting adventure.

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Scotland's knight:

the journey

Sir Lennox Brodie’s life as a powerful knight is over. Having fulfilled his oath to the king, he is comfortably settled at the manor house built on his family’s ancestral lands. He and Maggie are raising five-year-old Kendric, and his dream of raising Friesian horses is coming true. Lennox’s desire for a life of peace and tranquility has finally come to pass. So he thinks …

The demons of his past have come calling, threatening his idyllic life as he is cast onto the path of a dark and perilous journey. Where will it take him? If he survives the pain and suffering he is forced to endure, will he recognize the man who emerges at its end?

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the mystery at moz hollow

Paddy and his Grandpa Irl always pick huckleberries  together, but when Grandpa falls ill, Paddy delivers a special gift to him.

my faraway friend

Scotland's knight:

the hand of fate

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Huckleberry Heart

Maggie and Laura stumble upon an unsolved mystery in a Gothic mansion in northern Minnesota that has been transformed into a ​movie set.  The two girls face danger after uncovering a hidden treasure!


the red door

"I was lucky as a child - I was raised in a family that valued learning.  By the time I entered kindergarten I knew how to read, print, and write in cursive.   Trips to our local library were as regular as visits to the grocery store.  One summer I entered a reading contest at the library and won, my literary tally at over 40 books.  

Now I'm the one writing stories that I hope will find their way into the hands of an eager reader, ready to embark on an adventure that I've imagined, crafted, and tucked between the front and back cover."

Scotland's knight:

the rose in the glade

Medieval Scotland. Sir Lennox Brodie, a powerful knight, leaves his homeland to fight in the Crusades. It’s a vow he’s bound to fulfill and an escape from the devastation over the death of his wife and two daughters. He returns famous, scarred, and wealthy, with his soul still in tatters. Lennox encounters Maggie Weaver when she mistakenly enters the sun-dappled glade that belongs to him. The secluded, tranquil spot becomes the backdrop for healing, redemption, and the capacity to love again. It’s also where the unthinkable happens, giving pain and heartache free reign to test their relationship - something not even the strongest knight can protect.

A Thanksgiving holiday takes an unexpected turn when a black Cocker Spaniel shows up on Benjamin's doorstep.