Blogging has introduced Anne to the world she articulates, the life she lives, and the world view behind the decisions that she makes personally. 

Scouring the imagination in search of ​inspiration for children’s stories.

Photo credit: Gary Undercuffler

Pull Anne's story from the shelf, curl up in a quiet corner, and embark on the adventure she's imagined, crafted, and tucked between the front and back cover.

Welcome, friends!

There is so much beauty in nature that is passed by without a second glance. In my work, I strive to invite the viewer or reader in for a closer look to appreciate the small and seemingly insignificant, in the hopes of bringing an increased awareness and respect for the world in which we live.

Anne has received numerous awards for her imaginative storytelling and hopes you will "drop in" and visit from time to time as her literary journey continues.  

— Anne Hawkinson